Annette and Andy have a beautiful home but in their garden the lawn was being used to house the rabbit and the whole space belonged to their dogs more than to their family.

Annette called the MH Landscapes team to get some advice on what she could do to renovate her garden and make it a more usable space. The two main priorities on her list were that it be as low maintenance as possible and that there were a clear division between the “dogs area” and the “family area”.

Initially, Annette worked very closely with Hollie (design dept) to create the layout and flow of the garden and to determine the specification of the materials. Annette wanted to create a dog area, new patio and dining area, new leveled lawn with stepping stones and a tranquil decking with hammock and wild flower garden alongside their summer house. Once each element had been thoroughly designed to be effective yet cost efficient the MH Landscapes team commenced work transforming their garden.

The first task was to completely clear the garden of the old lawn, excess branches from the trees and dig out stumps that had become overgrown with brambles. Once this was done the different sections of the garden could be marked out and completed one at time.



Our garden is fantastic, I looked at it again earlier & it looked just like something out of a design magazine… We are extremely proud of the MH Landscapes team

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