Tina’s old garden was small and overgrown and had become an empty space that wasn’t being used. MH Landscapes saw its potential and knew that Tina and her husband needed something low maintenance where they could once again enjoy spending their time.

Although Tina was keen to keep a small lawn area next to her shed, MH Landscapes suggested a wooden sun deck be placed directly at the back of their house, allowing them to have an area to dine on with friends during the summer months. Tina and her husband we’re delighted with this idea so we set to work transforming their garden.

The first task was to clear the weeds and lay a weed proof membrane where the decking structure would go. Once this was done we got to work creating the sun deck right from the back door out to the edge of the lawn. We included 2 integrated steps at the top of the decking and then a further 1 step down onto the lawn. This allowed the decking to mirror the natural slope of their garden.

Once the decking was completed it was apparent that the old, broken fence would also need to be replaced. This was a quick and simple task that complimented the sun deck and added greater privacy to their new garden.

The finished result has given Tina and her husband an added space to their home where they can enjoy spending their summer.

Thanks MH Landscapes for completing it so quickly and working so hard … we cant wait to have friends round and really start enjoying it!