just_pond_plantsA well maintained pond is a healthy one that will be the focal point in any garden.  The key is to keep the water clear and ensure that plants do not take over. A pond with an established balance between plant and animal life requires less attention than one where there isn’t this harmony.

This is the best time for general maintenance on your pond and pond liner to prepare a healthy, flourishing summer for your fish and plants. The best time for this is when the water temperature has warmed to around 10C before fish plants and frogs emerge, but not while plants and fish are still in a winter dormant state.

water-garden-ponds2Remove any debris that has fallen to the bottom of the pond. If left it will cause a rise in nutrient levels, which can lead to algae growth as the summer begins.

Pond algae can spread in May, Use Barley Straw Bundles as a preventative from recurring string algae. It make take 2-4 weeks for the straw to become active. The warmer the water, the faster the straw will start to decompose. If straw pads or other treatments fail to prevent it, then consider adding plants such as water lilies, which will shade algae and reduce it.

Re install the pond pump filter and aerator, as they are needed most during warmer weather. If you didn’t run your pond pump through winter, make sure your pump is clean and in good working order before stating it up again.

Then as the water starts to warm over the coming weeks (once its above 10C) you can start to feed the fish again and return plants back into your pond.

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