The spring season is an important time for getting your lawn into top shape for the following months. What you do now in the spring by way of lawn care, will determine how well your lawn will cope with the wear and tear of day to day use, and also its ability to withstand drought or even water-logging during the summer months.


The first things you need to do are remove moss again and mow the lawn. Then get some fertiliser enriched with extra nitrogen to give it a growth boost and by doing so you will turn the lawn into a deep rich green colour. Finally re-sow any bare patches with some good lawn seed and you’ll be left with a beautiful lawn that you can enjoy all summer!

If you’ve just had a new lawn laid, remember to keep off it for 3-4 weeks to avoid it sinking and becoming lumpy. Also, ensure you give it a thorough watering every evening.



 If you need help with your lawn – don’t hesitate to get in touch! We offer a full lawn care package and ongoing monthly maintenance to keep your lawn perfect all year round!