Whether you have acres of land or a small urban plot, now is the time to add some colour to your garden with summer bedding plants. There can be few plants that give as much pleasure for such a small cost as summer bedding plants and, with such a low skill requirement, everyone can enjoy growing them.

You can pick up packs of ready-grown bedding plants from most garden centers. Look out for ready-made combinations, or buy trays of one colour to plant together and make a big impact. They are suitable for borders, rockeries, among shrubs, in containers and hanging baskets, around ponds, for attracting wildlife, for cutting and/or drying for their fantastic seed heads and growing as pot plants. Mixed bedding plants are a chance to show off your flair in the garden and can look spectacular, especially through summer.They could be jam-packed with herbaceous perennials, colour co-ordinated in contrasting or complementary colours, or more restrained areas of a calming mix of greens. Experiment with different plant combinations and enjoy the results.

Most bedding plants, whether bought or homegrown, will have been started in warm conditions and like to be acclimatized before being planted outside. To do this, put plants in a cold frame or unheated porch for a few weeks before planting out. Dig out a hole in a container or in the soil that’s large enough for the root-ball to fit comfortably. Separate out plants, gently removing individual root-balls. Place in hole, so the compost is just beneath the level of the surface of the soil and fill in the gaps around the plant with soil. Firm and water.

When ready to bring outside, choose a site close to the door or with a good view from a favorite window. Place your garden where you’ll see and enjoy it often. This will not only motivate you to garden more, but will entice you to spend more time outdoors.




Your front lawn might be small, but you can still find an attractive, sunny spot to add some colour and curb appeal. No matter how busy you are, you can enjoy your garden everytime you pull into your driveway or look out your window. MH Landscapes