William and Catherine called MH Landscapes to help make their lawn more safe and inviting for their two very young children. Their existing garden had a large lawn area that wasn’t growing in places and an overgrown flower bed and old gravel path that had spilled out onto the grass. Catherine wanted it all taken up and to have a gorgeous flat lawn put across the entire space so her children would have a larger place to play.

Once the existing turf and soil had been taken away our biggest task was to level the whole area ensuring it was beautifully flat, ready for the new lawn. 10 tonne of screened top soil was brought in and raked flat before being finished with a layer of compost. The new classic turf was then laid the width of the garden, creating an inviting space for all the family to enjoy.


This week we have had our garden turfed by MH Landscapes. They came in for a week and worked so hard to get it done. They had to do it all by hand including digging out tree stumps, flattening the land etc as we can’t get equipment into our garden. They were so professional, consulting us at every stage and incredibly friendly and polite.

A huge thank you to all the guys for transforming our garden!