Michael had had a pond and waterfall built in his back garden but wasn’t happy with the finished result. He called MH Landscapes to offer advice on what to do to make it more aesthetic and enhance the functionality of the waterfall.

We decided that the entire waterfall needed to be rebuilt on a steeper gradient and a clean out to neaten its appearance.

Once this was completed, the next task was to build Micheal a bespoke telescope stand complete with compass center stone for his loved hobby of star gazing. We sourced a fantastic company, Brackla Patio Centre in south wales that build circular paving to any specification. Once delivered we leveled the ground to ensure the telescope would be perfectly flat, then set the compass center stone to North and built the stand around it.

Michael now has the perfect addition to his hobby and a much more aesthetic garden in which to enjoy it.


It has been a pleasure having Matt and the team in my garden. I am thrilled to bits with the work!

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