Karen felt her garden was too small and wanted to better utilise the limited space, so she approached MH Landscapes.

Our proposed design achieved the aim of making the garden feel much bigger by working on the diagonal, which helped to blur the lines of the fence rather than using them as a template.

Obscuring as many view points as possible meant that the eye is drawn to different features, rather than seeing the whole garden at once.

We suggested relocating the patio to the side of the house, opening up the lawn area.

Building a bespoke arbour would make use of the vertical space and obscure the view to the edges of the garden.

Adding another patio in the corner encouraged the use of different spaces in the garden.

Connecting the patios via a gravel pathway gave a sense of continuity.

Although it may seem that adding lots of landscaping and planting to a small garden would make it feel smaller, with careful and deliberate planning, it actually makes much better use of the space.

Karen loved the design and engaged us to construct it without any changes.

The only thing she wanted to do herself was the planting.


“I’m so pleased with the garden it is more than I expected. It really does look like a designer garden. Thank you so much to you, Matthew and your team, working in horrible conditions this week. I will definitely recommend you both!”