Emily and her father Jeff, had gained a small garden at the rear of their apartment. They wanted to transform this small space into a low maintenance, functional garden that Emily could enjoy during the summer months.

When we initially met with Jeff to asses the garden, the entire space had been decked and was now rotting and damaged in several places. Jeff wanted this completely removed and a new patio laid in its place. However, once Hollie (design dept) had begun the design process she suggested to Jeff and Emily that they consider breaking up the patio with a small lawn area to give the garden more softness and appeal. Emily was keen to have the garden as low maintenance as possible so it was agreed that we would install a natural look AstroTurf instead to keep the aesthetics of grass without the up keep.


The first task was to completely clear the area of all the decking and mark out where each section would be. Then the ground was flattened and leveled with MOT base type one. An¬†external power supply was then put in to give Emily power when she’s in the garden.


The new patio was then laid extending from the back wall of the apartment and a new shed base was also built in the far corner to open up the space for the lawn area.


Once this was completed, the curved flower bed was marked out and the AstroTurf was laid. This completely transformed the space adding colour and texture. By creating different areas within the garden, there are more dimensions given the illusion its much bigger than it actually is.


Then it was simply the final touches to complete. We painted the fence to give it a new lease of life and re-positioned the gate to the top end of the patio. This changed your perspective as you entered the garden by drawing your eye to the widest part, making it feel much bigger.

The finished result is fantastic and both Emily and her father, Jeff were delighted!