Its now the time to clear out your greenhouse, wash pots and trays, clean, mend and oil your tools and throw away anything that is beyond hope or reasonable repair!

dsc05418-001Ensure you wash the windows inside and out to allow maximum light in over the darker days of winter and beĀ sure you have removed all shading paint from the greenhouse panes. If you’re applying glasshouse insulation, attach it only to the sides and north facing roofs to let in as much light as possible.

Cleaning your greenhouse thoroughly will prevent pests from hibernating and leaping into action next spring. Scrub benches, fixtures and glazing bars with disinfectant, making sure you hose the whole place down really well, especially dark and dusty corners.

dsc_2397For really effective pest elimination, fumigation is the ticket. Move all plants outside, shut the windows, light a sulphur candle in the middle of the floor, shut the door and wait until the smoke and fumes have completely dispersed several hours later. Your greenhouse should now be delightfully pest free!

Heat and/or insulation will be needed to keep the greenhouse frost free. A fan or paraffin heater should do the trick in small glasshouses. Maintaining higher temperatures will need more careful planning, and a better greenhouse heating system. Greenhouse insulation can help keep out the frost from the whole, or from a section, of the greenhouse.
If you enjoy working in your greenhouse over the winter, then consider installing greenhouse lighting to make this possible even on dull days and during the evening or early mornings.

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